Explore Omani Waters through Our Sea of Traditions

star of the sea tourism is a certified company specializing in sea cruises


Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on the type of sea cruise, one can expect to see the Spectacular Sunset, HM’s palace, Omani villages along the way, Wild Dolphins, a variety of Fish and Sea Turtles, Fjords, unspoiled beach bays and Muscat’s beautiful coastline.

The Captains are qualified and experienced. Some Captains are advanced commercial divers with over 25 years of sea activity experience. The other members of the crew are knowledgeable and will attend to your every need to make your cruise memorable and enjoyable.

We serve sumptuous traditional Omani cuisine and multi-cuisine dishes as part of cruise packages that include food. Optional dishes and special menu requests can be arranged.

All basic to full camping services are available at an additional cost, subject to availability at the time of inquiry. During peak season, it is best to make your request well in advance.

You may cancel your reservation at any time by sending an email to:  info@staroftheseaoman.com. For individual bookings, there is no cancellation fee if the request is received at least two days prior to the cruise date. A minimum of seven days’ notice is required for group reservations. Otherwise, you will be charged 50% of the invoiced amount. 

If you plan to get wet, bring your own sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and extra clothing.

We provide soft drinks, Omani coffee, and mineral water on each cruise; however, bringing your own drinks is not prohibited.

Any woman can join the cruise if her pregnancy is normal and uncomplicated. Weather conditions will be advised prior to the cruise.

Yes discount may be offered for group bookings of 30 pax or more. Generous reductions are given to larger groups.

You can pay online with a credit card or directly through our bank accounts via bank transfers.

All of our facilities have a mandatory marine hull insurance policy.

Onboard, there is a fully stocked First Aid box, as well as anti-sea sickness tablets.

Sure, you are welcome to send us an inquiry for your desired type of adventure or location where you’d like to spend some time and we’ll get back to you with the offer that would best suit your wishes and needs.