About Us

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Explore Oman waters, The Omani Way..!

star of the sea tourism is a certified company specializing in sea cruises. 

About Us

About Us

Explore Oman waters, The Omani Way..!

star of the sea tourism is a certified company specializing in sea cruises. 

Established with the vision to provide the best sea tours at the most affordable prices in Oman, Star of the Sea Tourism brings you an experience of a lifetime!

We are an experienced Eco-Tour and Cruise Agency that works tirelessly to bring you the best cruise and boating experiences and allows you a getaway from your busy life! We currently provide more than 15 services to ensure you have the time of your life with us and this eco-tour brings you utmost joy!

Environmental Protection is our Priority!

As a well-established cruise company and a member of the Environmental Society of Oman (ESO), we are committed to helping protect marine life and raising awareness about environmental issues. We actively participate in bleach clean-up activities and make sure that every beach that we visit on the cruise is treated with great care or at least left in the same condition as it upon our arrival.

The possibilities are endless with Star of the Sea Tourism!

Want to celebrate a party or any other special occasion? Our company has the most out-of-the-box packages, a hardworking team, and efficient services that ensure a pleasant time. We will strive to make you and your family’s cruise experiences magical!

We work round the clock to ensure that your travelling journey is as seamless as possible. This cruise is for all the travel enthusiasts, families, and sea lovers who want to experience the sea and feel in the most extravagant waves of Oman!.

With the mission to entertain, educate, and preserve the unique Omani sea traditions and culture that add value to our modern lifestyle, we want you to join us on this journey of exploring Oman through a different lens. All of this, convenience, affordability, and a quality cruise where fun and education go together well!

As an Eco-tour and cruise agency, our foremost goal is to offer a package that aligns with our values of providing you with the most comfortable travel journey. Time to say goodbye to all the troubles that come with managing such travels because we have got you covered. However, we do this by ensuring we practice sustainable methods without tinting the environment!

That’s right! We are actively involved in preserving Omani traditions and customs by passing on sea-faring skills to the next generation. Specifically, we train the next generation of Captains on how to stay true to our heritage with the sea while ensuring a safe and memorable experience for all.

We understand that after a long week and month of work, managing the house, and other responsibilities, you all need an escape from your robotic lives. We’ve all been there!
Therefore, we at the Star of the Sea Tourism have decided to make your cruising dreams come true in the easiest way possible.

Guess what?

Just book a cruise and leave the rest to us!
With more than 12 years of experience in this industry, our agency is the most trusted, secure, and experienced in Oman!

Our Distinctives

Expert Nautical and Local Knowledge! With us, it’s not just a fun experience but also a learning one!

We are not just an agency with 15000+ customers in the past, but we were able to achieve such a big target in a short time because we have expert nautical and local knowledge that has helped us be more conscious of our habits when it comes to the marine life. We believe in the preservation of sea animals and wish to raise awareness of environmental issues through our fun-filled cruises!

Hope to have you join us soon!

If you are someone who would love to book a cruise for a weekend getaway or have a memorable time with friends and family any time of the week, our sea tours to Muscat, Oman, will be a perfect choice!