About Us

Explore Omani Waters through Our Sea of Traditions

star of the sea tourism is a certified company specializing in sea cruises

About Us

Established with the vision to provide the best sea tours at the most affordable prices in Oman.  Star of the Sea Tourism brings you an experience of a lifetime! 

We are a passionate and accomplished tourism company that works tirelessly to provide you with the best cruise and boating experiences that allows you a getaway from your daily routines. 


We strive to entertain, educate and preserve the Omani sea tradition and culture that enrich our modern way of life. One such way is by passing on sea-faring skills to the next generation. We train the youth on how to stay true to our heritage with the sea while ensuring a safe and memorable experience

 As members of the Environmental Society of Oman (ESO), we are dedicated to protecting marine life and raising awareness about environmental issues. We actively participate in beach clean-ups and other sustainable activities.

Star of the Sea has the best out-of-the-box sea packages. Special cruise such as TV documentaries, School trips and Events can be tailored to meet specific need. 


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Captain Said Al Rahbi

An adventure is only as pleasant as the people accompanying you! With more than 15 years of experience in this industry, our company is the most trusted, experienced, and certified in Oman. We thus understand your need for enjoyment, safety, and efficiency in all services. 

What sets us apart from the rest is our deep devotion to the magical sea and all the beautiful experiences it offers.